Unmatched personal protection services

When it comes to protecting lives and assets, Nolan Enterprises offers unmatched personal protection services. With offices across southern California, team members can be deployed at a moment’s notice, 24 hours a day.

We understand that different clients have different needs and offer a variety of executive protection solutions.  Plainclothes or uniformed, armed or unarmed, marked or unmarked vehicles – tell us what you need and our team will do the rest.

Nolan Enterprises offers a range of Executive Protection services to meet your needs:


Working closely with clients, we develop a security plan to ensure genuine protection.  Each team member has exhaustive training in counter-terrorism, high-risk driving, logistical planning, crisis management, and emergency coordination.   Working in cooperation with local law enforcement, team members provide our client’s point-of-contact person with constant updates. 


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Executive Protection is a suite of security and protection measures taken to ensure the safety of executives, VIP’s, dignitaries, celebrities, athletes, and other high-profile individuals.

When an employee makes a threat, the first step is threat assessment.   Risk analysis includes a background check, surveillance, and a review of their personnel file and all lawfully available public record information.   If a legitimate potential threat exists, we next assess the existing security level of the executive under our protection.   This includes a site survey of their existing security system, identifying security vulnerabilities, and increasing security if deemed necessary.

Often, this can come down to client preference, but there are legitimate needs for both, depending on the context of the assignment. 

For example, in cases where a high-ranking executive has been threatened by a disgruntled employee, there is a legitimate need for around-the-clock protection.  But the appearance of uniformed, armed professionals may frighten neighbors and cause undue alarm.  In cases such as this, plainclothes is a great option – the Executive Protection team still provides the same level of protection, but their softened appearance better fits the venue.   Civilian clothing can also be used to mask the presence of Executive Protection in a large, crowded venue for and a lower profile.    

Alternatively, there are cases where you may want to send a message that Executive Protection is present.  Armed and uniformed Executive Protection agents certainly send that message.   This is often true for hostile terminations and threats of workplace violence.  For the safety of all employees, management may utilize uniformed Executive Protection.

Security guards are a valuable layer of security, but Executive Protection is for when you need peace of mind.  When there is a high threat potential, or athletes/celebrities/VIPs will be in a large open venue, use trained professionals.   Since true Executive Protection includes previous experience with protecting high-value targets, we select seasoned active and former law enforcement for our Executive Protection team. 

Armed / Unarmed Protection

Our elite team of Executive Protection agents is available 7 days a week.   Composed of highly trained and decorated veterans, we know how to serve and provide protection.   We have been doing it our whole lives. 

The needs of our clients are paramount, and in response we utilize men, women, and professionals from undercover and gang detail backgrounds.  We can blend in or stand out.

Many Executive Protection providers use unarmed civilians who are unqualified to offer true Executive Protection.  The owners of Nolan Enterprises serviced as members of law enforcement and the military.  Service is in their blood.  Facing real life-or-death situations has given us a unique vantage point.  When lives are on the line, who better to trust than those that have already given their lives to service?   Nolan Enterprises proudly uses active and former law enforcement and service members exclusively for its Executive Protection team.   Our clients receive the benefit of trained law enforcement professionals.

Armed protection is used to carry out high-risk assignments and protect high-profile individuals.   For low-risk assignments, unarmed Executive Protection agents can be used.  Even unarmed, our Executive Protection Professionals are formidable.

Under California law, carrying a concealed weapon requires special licensure, a CCW (Carry a Concealed Weapon) license.  In Los Angeles County, to obtain a CCW, you must complete a training course, undergo psychological testing, register the exact make, model, caliber, and serial number of the weapons you plan on carrying, show cause, meet the minimum requirements, and be of good moral character.  In many instances, because Peace Officers are already experienced at carrying and exercising good judgment, they make ideal Executive Protection agents.


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Executive & VIP Protection

Executive Protection professionals are trained and licensed to perform armed personal protection services.  Sometimes called Bodyguards or close protection, Nolan Enterprises can provide expert guidance during a crisis and help prevent one.  

The Nolan EP team consists of over thirty current or retired Peace Officers.  This includes:

Air Force Military Police

Army Special Forces

Child & Adult Abuse

Child Exploitation

Civil Service

Dignitary protection

Drug trafficking

Economic Crimes

Gang Units


Marine Military Police

Sex crimes


Several team members are trained in counter-terrorism, threat assessment, Emergency First Aid, evasive driving, evacuation, crowd control, surveillance identification, and other critical skills.  


Our primary objective is to create and maintain a safe home and work life for our clients.  This often includes residential security and if necessary, can be performed 24 hours a day.  Family members can be trained on travel security and situational awareness.   


Nolan Enterprises has a wealth of experience assisting with live sports events, celebrity events, concerts, and escort high-profile clients anywhere they desire.   Whether it’s a one-off event, an annual affair, business travel to an unstable region or a last minute vacation whim, we provide security and help minimize vulnerabilities.  


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Hostile Termination

In situations where an employee needs to separate from the company, but may be potentially or openly hostile towards management or co-workers, minimize the potential for workplace violence by using our Executive Protection team to facilitate a smooth exit.  

If you need immediate protection, or are planning a termination, we can perform a threat assessment and determine if Executive Protection, surveillance, or a combination is justified.   Most often, Executive Protection will be present during the termination, oversee the employee’s exit, and then ensure they do not return.  It is common for employers to maintain an Executive Protection presence for a period after a hostile termination.   

The goal is to prevent workplace violence or an active shooter incident.   Violence does not “just happen.”  It represents the culmination of anger, rage, previous conflicts, and is usually triggered by a situation where the employee only has “one way out” – violence. 


To learn more about how Nolan Enterprises can assist with a hostile termination, contact us.

A hostile termination is the process of separating the company from an employee who may be disgruntled or not wish to separate from the company.  Hostile terminations are pleasant, but the sooner it is handled, the sooner it is done.  Often Executive Protection agents are used to facilitate hostile terminations.   The goal is to remove the immediate threat of the hostile employee and protect management and co-workers against retaliation.  After a hostile termination, a period of monitoring is often the best course of action to ensure the terminated employee does not attempt retribution. 

  • Do a background check to look for indicators of past violence and any open arrests.  
  • Let them go early in the morning, and pay them for the full day.  Terminating them at the end of the day may anger them, as you kept the news until the last possible moment. 
  • Have all necessary separation paperwork ready. 
  • Make sure you are not alone.  If you choose to use Executive Protection have them inside the room.  At a minimum, have a witness with you.  A member of Human Resources is usually a good choice. 
  • Make it brief.  Do not allow debate or argument.   Deliver the information in a confident and final manner. 
  • Bite your tongue.  If they take the low road or make offensive statements, do not take the bait.  Often a prepared statement is the best choice.  

Many factors must be considered.  Does the employee have a history of making similar statements?  Has the employee ever been arrested or convicted of a violent crime?  Does the co-worker that was threatened feel unsafe? As an employer, you are responsible for maintaining a safe work environment at all times.   Depending on the answers to these questions, the employee may only need a written warning or suspension.   If the threat was credible, it often wise to consult with your attorney and find the best way to separate the employee who made the threat from your organization.  


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Live Event Security

Nolan Enterprises has a decade of experience providing live event management for high-profile events.  Based in Southern California, we have direct experience with high-profile celebrity events, sporting events, concerts, and live events. Known for our reliability, effectiveness, and training, live event security is one of our many Executive Protection service offerings.

Based in Southern California, we are familiar with the needs of VIP clients and provide an extensive array of security services to suit your venue.

Monitoring guest lists

Escorting VIPs to and from their vehicles

Access control

Coordination with law enforcement and event staff

Your guests deserve the very best.  Comfort starts with security and peace of mind.  Our team of retired and active Peace Officers is experienced with crowd control and evacuation procedures.  No one on the Nolan team works because they need to.  It takes passion to give our best, show professionalism and tact with your guests, and exhibit a cheerful, friendly demeanor.

Private events

Public events


Close security for VIPs at concerts/live public events

Travel / Vacation / Abroad

Long-term assignments

Show partners, investors, and guests that you are serious about event security and hire the very best. 


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Plainclothes or Uniformed Protection

Nolan Enterprises offers private personal security services in uniform, or in plainclothes.  Plainclothes just means “street clothes” – or whatever would fit the venue.  For public events, plainclothes may mean jeans and a t-shirt, or for formal events, plainclothes may mean wearing a tuxedo or formal gown.   The goal of plainclothes is to blend in and create a low profile.   

The presence of uniformed, armed professionals may frighten guests and ruin the vibe.   Plainclothes Executive Protection means the same level of protection, just more blended with your guests. 

Alternatively, there are cases where you may want to send a message that Executive Protection is present.  A uniform certainly sends that message.  For the safety of all guests, management may utilize uniformed Executive Protection as a deterrent. 

We serve :

Conventions/Live events

Corporate clients


Places of Worship

Private events


Contact us to book our Executive Protection team members for your event.

It depends on several factors:

Are your guests more comfortable with security professionals in uniform, or dressed casually?

Are you in a formal environment?

Are you in public? 

Is there a high threat potential?

Do you have high-profile guests?  What would make them most comfortable? 

Private Patrol/Remote Patrolling

Our Private Patrol & Remote Patrolling services protect your assets and people.   For remote areas, Nolan Enterprises offers remote patrolling to prevent and deter theft.  Operating in Southern California, our uniformed guards control access to your facilities and properties, offer private armed transport, and prevent loss. 

There is a strong overlap in the skillsets of Peace Officers and Private Patrol, so it using active and former law enforcement brings experience and passion to our clients’ assignments. 

Nolan Enterprises provides patrol services for industrial facilities, commercial properties, office buildings, private neighborhoods, and private clients. 

Fast response times & detailed reporting separate us from competitors. 


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Security Consulting - Policy Review/Policy Writing

Every organization’s security policy should cover proactive and reactive plans to protect the company’s assets, including its employees.  Nolan Enterprises offers security consulting to meet the high demand for corporate safety.  We act as liaisons between stakeholders and law enforcement, and direct security assessments.  Adept at preventing and ending physical security threats, our team of consultants has over a decade of experience working with corporate clients.

Asset misuse


Computer Forensics

Creating company email policy

Data breaches

Define corporate security policies

Forensic Accounting

Implementing physical security policy

Research security trends and best practices

Review and assess current trends, laws, and best practices

Revising your Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to keep up with technology

Test security solutions for vulnerabilities

Let us create the security solution that best suits your needs.  We also provide monitoring and crisis management services to maintain and enforce your security policy. 


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Security Escort

Nolan Enterprises takes physical and remote security seriously.   Our escorts are armed and possess the credentials and experience to best protect executives, visiting dignitaries, VIP’s, and other high-profile clients.  We provide constant side by side escort at all times and are required to check in regularly with stakeholders.  

Enhance the safety of your employees and guests with security escort services.  

An escort assists in the safe transport of VIP’s, whether on foot, by vehicle, or on long-term assignments.

For live events, escort services give guests peace of mind and create a unique blend of services: access control, armed safety, and customer service.

A security escort monitors and escorts guests into restricted areas during live events, and on longer assignments, provide 24/7 Executive Protection.  

Our security escorts provide the following services:

  • Aviation security
  • Directing Traffic
  • Escorting guests to and from vehicles & other conveyances
  • Estate security
  • Inspecting deliveries and materials
  • Inspecting incoming personnel and vehicles
  • Maintaining a secure & comfortable ambience for guests 
  • Monitor and restrict access to VIP’s at all times
  • Moving gun safes and other sensitive private property
  • Provide professional and friendly security presence
  • Respond to requests from guests 
  • Provide armed plainclothes Executive Protection
  • Short-term guard duties/transporting valuables

For business travel and vacation, Nolan Enterprises has the support you need to safely plan your trip. 

We start by reviewing the itinerary, to assist in choose the safest and most comfortable accommodations.   Next we coordinate with local law enforcement to ensure our presence is known.  For unstable regions, we utilize our own pilots, and provide seamless protection at all times.  

Waiting until you are abroad may severely limit your options for hiring professional, qualified Executive Protection agents.  Nolan Enterprises believes proactive planning minimizes the need for reactive services later.  


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Site Survey

The trained security professionals at Nolan Enterprises help our clients identify vulnerabilities, improve safety & morale, and implement continuous site security.  We perform a threat analysis to identify the need for camera system installation or upgrades, inspect the quality and state of existing systems, and update lighting, cabling, DVR’s, mount points, uninterrupted power supplies, data backup policies, and other points of concern.  

ATM machines

Cashbox storage

Cashier areas

Delivery areas

Emergency exits

Entrances & Exits

Guard shacks


High-crime areas

Loading docks


Parking lots

Pedestrian & automobile gates

Remote areas

Perimeter fencing



Waiting areas

IT / Data equipment protection & backup

Our team is experienced at identifying and assessing accidents, access control measures, threats, points of ingress & egress, lighting.   If it concerns the safety and security of our clients, you will see it in our Stakeholder report.


Contact us to receive a quote for a site survey (based on the square footage of your facilities).

A site survey is the act of a trained professional taking a physical walkthrough and applying specialized tools and equipment to calculate the required lighting, access control, and security measures, as well as review the existing lighting, access control, and security measures.

  • Churches & Places of Worship
  • Corporate Parks
  • Event parking/temporary site
  • Malls
  • Parking lots
  • Private residences & estates

In many cases, inadequate lighting, low or absent physical patrol, and a lack of deterrents such as CCTV systems will create “the perfect opportunity” for thieves to break into vehicles.  A site survey can identify areas of vulnerability and assist clients in making the necessary upgrades to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for your guests. 

Threat Assessment

A threat assessment assists in defining existing threats and assessing new security procedures and upgrades.  Your customers, employee, and guests rely on Stakeholders to monitor and provide necessary security.  

This includes policies, procedures, physical security, camera systems, and training.   When combined with protective services from our EP team, your organization can develop contingencies and protocols that will deter and prevent violence.

Nolan Enterprises is proud to serve the following industries and organizations:

Churches and Places of Worship

Food Service



Live Events


Prisons & Correctional facilities

Public Performance Venues


School Campus



Contact us to learn about our threat assessment program.

A threat assessment focuses on interior and exterior physical security and remote camera system security.  Their purpose is to identify areas of interest to Stakeholders.  

Policies are procedures are reviewed, and if existing policies are incomplete or do not contain components regarding emergencies and crisis management, observations and recommendations are applied to reduce risk.

Threat assessment professionals are often used by:

Academic institutions

Government facilities

Military facilities

Workplace Violence

Workplace violence includes threats and actions against members of management or company employees, usually by a former or current employee of the company.   It is rare for an active shooter to target a workplace that has no personal connection to the shooter. 

Active shooter incidents are the most known form of workplace violence.  Nolan Enterprises provides security consulting to help our clients detect and prevent violence in the workplace.  When an aggrieved employee threatens co-workers or management with violence, our clients can count on us to respond.  

It starts with Threat Assessment.  We are uniquely suited to advise clients on risk, threats, domestic terrorism, active shooter events in occur in the workplace and the appropriate response.   Identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited.  

Team-based assessment

Threat Management

Incident Management

Post-incident / Post-investigation recommendations


Contact us to learn about our Workplace Violence training and threat assessment services.

To prevent and mitigate the potential for workplace violence, we assist our clients by providing training & recommendations.  We have clients of all sizes and understand that your employees’ “workplace” may be a church, a large downtown office, or football stadium.   We are capable and experienced at providing site surveys and threat assessments to clients in the following industries:

  • Retail 
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Law Enforcement
  • Casinos
  • Industrial
  • Financial
  • Education
  • Healthcare

Nolan Enterprises Executive Protection, Surveillance & Investigations

Nolan Enterprises has 30 years of experience working to bridge the gap between corporate security needs and professional law enforcement. 

Executive Protection





Surveillance Affair

The purpose of this investigation was to conduct surveillance on a male subject who allegedly was
having an affair with an unknown woman.



Private Investigation

Remote Surveillance

Fraud Detection


Background Checks

Workplace Investigations

Workplace Violence

Employee Theft Detection

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Mobile Surveillence