Nolan Enterprises Offers High-Quality Protection and Surveillance Services

Nolan Enterprises Protection and Surveillance Services

With over 30 years of experience, Nolan Enterprises offers discrete and dependable executive protection with armed bodyguards and discrete private investigation. We only use retired, off-duty law enforcement and military veterans exclusively for all executive protection assignments.

Nolan Enterprises is committed to providing comprehensive security and surveillance solutions to its clients. With our combined background in law enforcement and the military, our team at Nolan Enterprises is well-equipped to offer an array of services, including crisis management, security consulting, armed security, investigations, physical security, and more.

Nolan Enterprises has 30 years experience working to bridge the gap between corporate security needs and professional law enforcement.

Executive Protection

Nolan Enterprises stands with top-of-the-line security from retired law enforcement professionals.


Providing private investigations from our licensed experts in the field of discrete private investigative services.


Nolan Enterprises has decades of practical investigative experience helping corporations protect assets, and avoid liability.

Trusted by leading brands


Retired law enforcement professionals

Unmatched Expertise

Retired law enforcement professionals

Unmatched Expertise

Unlike many security providers who employ unarmed civilians, Nolan Enterprises stands apart. Our Executive Protection team is comprised exclusively of active and retired law enforcement professionals and military veterans.

Our founders, Tracey and Jeff Nolan, have dedicated their lives to service – Tracey as a retired law enforcement officer and Jeff as a decorated military veteran. This experience in high-stakes, real-world situations gives Nolan Enterprises an unmatched understanding of threat assessment and crisis response.

When it comes to protecting your life, trust those who have a proven record of safeguarding others.

Licensed Private Investigators

Discrete Surveillance

Nolan Enterprises is a fully licensed California Private Investigation Agency. Our team brings together the best of both worlds: seasoned corporate investigators and highly skilled law enforcement professionals. This unique blend of expertise allows us to excel in complex investigations, helping clients protect their assets, minimize liability, and expose theft or misconduct.

We understand the sensitive nature of many investigations. That’s why we prioritize discretion and professionalism in all our services, including executive protection and surveillance. Our clients range from high-profile individuals like athletes, celebrities, and VIPs, to concerned spouses and leading corporations.

Licensed Private Investigators

Discrete Surveillance

Executive Protection

Nolan Enterprises provides industry-leading executive protection to ensure the safety of high-profile individuals. Our team is composed exclusively of retired and off-duty law enforcement officers, as well as retired military personnel, bringing unparalleled expertise to each assignment.

Whether you require discreet protection with plainclothes and unmarked vehicles or a more visible security presence with uniformed, armed bodyguards, we adapt our services to meet your exact needs. Our Southern California offices and 30+ team members ensure rapid deployment and 24-hour availability, providing peace of mind for our discerning clientele of athletes, celebrities, and VIPs.

Let Nolan Enterprises safeguard your well-being. Contact us to discuss how we can create a customized solution for your executive protection requirements.

Armed / Unarmed Protection

Nolan Enterprises is composed of highly trained and decorated veterans, we know how to serve and provide protection. Your safety is our priority.

Active Shooter Training

Nolan Enterprises has a decade of experience providing live event management for high-profile events.

Plainclothes / Uniformed Protection

Nolan Enterprises offers private personal security services in uniform, or in plainclothes.

Hostile Work Termination

When faced with a hostile work termination, trust Nolan Enterprises to prioritize the safety of your workplace and personnel.

Private Investigations

Nolan Enterprises provides strategic investigative services to safeguard your interests. Our licensed investigators, with backgrounds in law enforcement and the military, possess the expertise to uncover crucial information and conduct discreet surveillance, including sub rosa investigations when utmost confidentiality is required.

Our services offer tailaored solutions to protect your business from both internal and external risks.

Corporate investigations

We offer expert corporate private investigations to protect your business. Our services include uncovering fraud, investigating employee misconduct, conducting due diligence, and safeguarding against cyber threats.

Infidelity investigations

We provide discreet, thorough investigations to uncover the truth, helping you make informed decisions for your future. Nolan Enterprises understands the need for compassion and clarity amidst difficult circumstances.

Child custody disputes

Our highly skilled private investigation team is committed to protecting your child’s rights. We offer comprehensive surveillance services to gather evidence and document relevant information.

Insurance fraud detection

Nolan Enterprises offers meticulous investigations to expose fraudulent claims. Our expert surveillance methods gather the evidence needed to protect your assets and combat illegitimate payouts.

A Proven Track Record of Success

Our commitment to excellence isn’t just a promise – it’s backed by our proven track record. We’ve successfully resolved complex investigations, protected high-profile executives, and provided security solutions for world-class clients like Disney and Sony. This level of trust speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of our services.

Experience that Matters

At Nolan Enterprises, we understand that true security and peace of mind come from knowing your protection is in the hands of the most qualified professionals. That’s why our team is exclusively comprised of retired law enforcement officers and decorated military veterans. These individuals have faced real-world threats and have honed their skills protecting lives and assets in high-stakes situations.


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We serve anywhere in California from San Diageo to Fresno.

Yes, all our investigators hold valid private investigator licenses issued by the state of California.

Our clients receive the benefit of trained law enforcement professionals.

We have a proven track record in Corporate Investigations, with numerous successful cases resolved by our professionals.

Our pricing is customized based on the specific needs of each client. We charge a retainer and bill hourly with mileage.

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Yes, we offer both armed and unarmed protection options, with personnel expertly trained in their respective fields.

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Nolan Enterprises Executive Protection, Surveillance & Investigations

Nolan Enterprises has 30 years of experience working to bridge the gap between corporate security needs and professional law enforcement. 

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