About Nolan Enterprises

Who we are: The Backbone of Nolan Enterprises

Nolan Enterprises is owned and operated by Jeff and Tracey Nolan. Tracey Nolan served as a member of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for 17 years, before retiring due to an on-duty injury. 

Jeff Nolan is a decorated veteran and retired armed service member. Together, they lead a team of over 30 active and retired Peace Officers and service members from Army Special Forces, Air Force Military Police, Marine Military Police, SWAT, Homicide, Gang, Drug, Civil Service, Child Exploitation, Sex Crimes, Dignitary Protection & Economic Crime units.

Nolan Enterprises is committed to providing comprehensive security solutions to its clients. With their combined background in law enforcement and the military, the team at Nolan Enterprises is well-equipped to offer an array of services, including crisis management, security consulting, armed security, investigations, physical security, and more.

The team also offers training and seminars to help clients stay up to date on the latest security strategies and techniques with protection, surveillance, investigations and security plans.

Nolan Enterprises is passionate about protecting their clients, their properties, and their people. We believe in developing active security plans that are tailored to each client’s unique needs, and in setting a high standard of excellence in every aspect of their work. The team at Nolan Enterprises is committed to using the latest technologies and techniques to provide the best possible service, so that their clients can be confident in the security of their people and assets.

At Nolan Enterprises, the team is dedicated to providing quality armed guard service and outstanding customer service. We take pride in all work, and strive to ensure that each client receives the highest level of workplace protection.

Nolan Enterprises is committed to staying ahead of the private hostile termination investigation activity, and to staying at the forefront of the private security industry.

Client Testimonials

Very satisfied with your private investigation services. Since we started using your guards, there’s been a decrease in loitering and panhandling on our property.

Business Owner, Santa Monica

I want to thank you for assisting with a difficult hostile termination. The presence of your team put our owner ease and made the workplace transition much easier.

City Manager Los angeles

The difference between [Nolan] armed guards and our last vendor is night and day. You can tell these guys are real cops, and so can our guests. It gives us all peace of mind to have your armed protection at our property.

Hospital Administrator, Bakersfield

Highly recommend your guard services. Two of our properties saw a decrease in vandalism and littering since engaging your services. The guards you sent helped immensely.

Property Manager, Los Angeles