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At Nolan Enterprises, we offer comprehensive private investigation services in Orange County, designed to address a wide range of personal and professional concerns. Our team, composed of former law enforcement officers and seasoned investigators, ensures thorough, professional, and discreet services tailored to your specific needs.

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Surveillance is a critical tool in private investigations, helping to gather essential evidence discreetly. Our surveillance services cover several key areas.

In cases of infidelity, we provide spouse surveillance, monitoring the activities of a suspected cheating partner to gather evidence such as photos and videos.

We also provide detailed reports that include observed behaviors and interactions. In child custody disputes, we focus on behavioral monitoring to ensure the child's welfare by observing the parent's conduct during their custody period and verifying that the living conditions are safe and appropriate.

Background Checks

Background checks are crucial for verifying the integrity and history of individuals. Our prenuptial background checks investigate the marital history and financial background of a prospective spouse, providing peace of mind before entering into a marriage.

For employment checks, we confirm the authenticity of a candidate’s resume and conduct criminal record searches to ensure there are no past criminal activities that could pose a risk to your business.

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Infidelity Investigations

our infidelity investigations are designed to provide you with the clarity and evidence you need when suspecting a partner of cheating.

We conduct discreet surveillance to monitor the activities of your spouse, capturing critical evidence through photos and videos. Our investigators compile detailed reports, documenting behaviors and interactions that confirm or refute suspicions of infidelity.

Employing advanced techniques, we ensure our findings are accurate, helping you make informed decisions about your relationship.

Bug Sweeps

Protecting privacy is crucial in today’s digital age. Our bug sweep services include electronic sweeps to identify and remove hidden microphones and cameras. We use frequency scanners to detect unauthorized surveillance devices and perform comprehensive security audits to identify vulnerabilities. We also implement measures to prevent future eavesdropping, ensuring your privacy is protected.

Missing Persons

Finding individuals who are difficult to locate is one of our specialties. We assist in locating missing persons, helping to reunite families and find estranged relatives.

For legal support, we find and deliver crucial witnesses for legal proceedings and secure statements from located witnesses. In debtor tracing, we locate debtors to facilitate the recovery process and identify and track debtor’s assets for legal recourse.

Why Choose Nolan Enterprises?

Nolan Enterprises offers a team of highly experienced investigators with decades of experience and specialized training in various fields of investigation.

We utilize advanced technology and the latest tools and techniques for accurate and efficient investigations.

All our operations are conducted with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism, ensuring the privacy and trust of our clients. Our proven track record includes trusted partnerships with high-profile clients like Disney, reflecting our ability to deliver reliable and effective solutions.

Next Steps

Reach out to Nolan Enterprise by phone at (323)-875-3000 for your free consultation.

During your consultation, discuss your case details with one of our experienced private investigators. We will assess your needs and provide recommendations for the next steps.

After the consultation, you will receive a personalized investigation plan tailored to your specific requirements. This plan will outline the scope of the investigation, estimated timeline, and costs involved.

No, it is not illegal to hire a licensed private investigator. Private investigators operate within the bounds of the law to gather information and evidence on behalf of their clients. Hiring a licensed PI is often necessary to protect your interests, whether for personal matters like infidelity or for professional concerns such as corporate fraud. They adhere to legal guidelines to ensure that all obtained evidence is admissible in court and does not infringe on privacy laws.


Private investigators can locate and identify the existence of bank accounts but accessing detailed bank records is more complex and typically requires legal authorization, such as a court order or subpoena. PIs use their expertise to uncover hidden assets and trace financial activities without breaching privacy laws. They can provide valuable information about undisclosed accounts and financial resources, which is essential in cases involving financial disputes, divorce settlements, and asset searches.


A private investigator can help you confirm or refute suspicions of infidelity through discreet surveillance and evidence collection. They monitor the suspected partner’s activities, documenting interactions and behaviors with photos, videos, and detailed reports. This evidence can provide the clarity needed to address the situation, whether for personal resolution or legal proceedings such as divorce cases. By ensuring all surveillance is conducted covertly and professionally, PIs help protect your privacy while uncovering the truth.

The duration of an investigation depends on various factors, such as the type of case and the information available. We strive to complete investigations efficiently while ensuring thoroughness and accuracy.

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