Executive Protection & Surveillance Services

We offer discrete and dependable executive protection with armed bodyguards. Our clients include athletes, celebrities, and VIPs. We use retired and off-duty law enforcement exclusively for all Executive Protection assignments.


Nolan Enterprises an executive protection and investigation firm with roots in law enforcement. We speak the hidden language of cops, because we come from the same background

All our agents have been trained, vetted, experienced,  and our armed retired guards are retired law enforcement who come from the inside. The minute you deal with our full time regular cops, it cuts through red tape when dealing with other cops at an investigation or highly sensitive scene. Guarding news crews – getting waived by cops, but then let us through We speak their hidden language  Great at working with Law Enforcement and getting results 

Why you should trust us:

We are extremely responsive to client needs, and will replace someone if the client doesn’t like them.

The more trained someone is the better they are prepared to act when it counts Inexperience can lead to death/injury

We have guard cards, exposed firearms, carry concealed weapons (CCW) – we have all the required certifications including CPR training

Past Clients



Very satisfied with your services. Since we started using your guards, there’s been a decrease in loitering and panhandling on our property

Business Owner, Santa Monica

I want to thank you for assisting with a difficult termination. The presence of your team put our owner ease

City Manager

The difference between [Nolan] armed guards and our last vendor is night and day. You can tell these guys are real cops, and so can our guests.

Hospital Administrator, Bakersfield

Highly recommend your guard services. Two of our properties saw a decrease in vandalism and littering since engaging your services.

Property Manager, Los Angeles


Nolan Enterprises Executive Protection, Surveillance & Investigations

Nolan Enterprises has 30 years of experience working to bridge the gap between corporate security needs and professional law enforcement. 

Executive Protection





Surveillance Affair

The purpose of this investigation was to conduct surveillance on a male subject who allegedly was
having an affair with an unknown woman.



Private Investigation

Remote Surveillance

Fraud Detection


Background Checks

Workplace Investigations

Workplace Violence

Employee Theft Detection

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Mobile Surveillence