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The Top Ten questions that customers ask when hiring Armed Security

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When an employee makes a threat, the first step isthreat assessment.This usually starts witha background check and a review of their personnel file and all lawfully available public record information. If necessary, surveillance on their whereabouts is performed. If a legitimate potential threat exists, we next assess the existing security level of the executive under our protection.This includes a site survey of their existing security system, identifying security vulnerabilities, and increasing security if deemed necessary.

Many factors must be considered when firing your employee.Does the employee have a history of making similar statements?Has the employee ever beenarrested or convicted of a violent crime? Does the co-worker that was threatened feel unsafe? As an employer, you are responsible for maintaining a safe work environment at all times.Depending on the answers to these questions, the employee may only need a written warning or suspension.If the threat was credible, it often wise to consult with your attorney and find the best way to separate the employee who made the threat from your organization.

  • Do a background check to look for indicators of past violence and any open arrests.
  • Let them go early in the morning, and pay them for the full day. Terminating them at the end of the day may anger them, as you kept the news until the last possible moment.
  • Have all necessary separation paperwork ready.
  • Make sure you are not alone. If you choose to use Executive Protection have them inside the room.At a minimum, have a witness with you.A member of Human Resources is usually a good choice.
  • Make it brief. Do not allow debate or argument.Deliver the information in a confident and final manner.
  • Bite your tongue. If they take the low road or make offensive statements, do not take the bait.Often a prepared statement is the best choice.

Under California law, carrying a concealed weapon requires special licensure, a CCW (Carry a Concealed Weapon) license.  In Los Angeles County, to obtain a CCW, you must complete a training course, undergo psychological testing, register the exact make, model, caliber, and serial number of the weapons you plan on carrying, show cause, meet the minimum requirements, and be of good moral character.  In many instances, because Peace Officers are already experienced at carrying and exercising good judgment, they make ideal Executive Protection agents.

The biggest difference is the amount of training and field experience when it comes to dealing with threats and violence.  

Our clients specifically want an ex-cop, not a security guard.  Why?  Peace Officers’ are generally granted their firearm permit card and CCW at a much higher rate than civilians, since they are retired Peace Officers.  They are therefore uniquely suited to perform armed bodyguard service.  Most civilian security guards are not even allowed to carry a baton.  For real protection, armed guards are the only way to go. 

In addition, the more trained someone is, the better prepared they are to act when it counts.  Our team members have real field experience and years of training and drills.  There is no comparison to a civilian who filled out an application for a guard card and took a weekend course versus a Peace Officer.  Peace Officers undergo extensive background checks, stress tests, physical standards, and decades of training at a level far beyond a civilian security guard. 

Most civilian security guards have not dealt with threats and situations involving physical violence.   Their inexperience can lead to injury, death, and claims of negligence.  Our Armed Guards are active or retired Peace Officers. They have been trained, vetted, and have dealt with real violence.

In many cases, inadequate lighting, low or absent physical patrol, and a lack of deterrents such as CCTV systems will create “the perfect opportunity” for thieves to break into vehicles.  A site survey can identify areas of vulnerability and assist clients in making the necessary upgrades to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for your guests.

For business travel and vacation, Nolan Enterprises has the support you need to safely plan your trip.

We start by reviewing the itinerary, to assist in choose the safest and most comfortable accommodations.   Next we coordinate with local law enforcement to ensure our presence is known.  For unstable regions, we utilize our own pilots, and provide seamless protection at all times.

Waiting until you are abroad may severely limit your options for hiring professional, qualified Executive Protection agents.  Nolan Enterprises believes proactive planning minimizes the need for reactive services later.

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Often, this can come down to client preference, but there are legitimate needs for both, depending on the context of the assignment.

For example, in cases where a high-ranking executive has been threatened by a disgruntled employee, there is a legitimate need for around-the-clock protection.  But the appearance of uniformed, armed professionals may frighten neighbors and cause undue alarm.  In cases such as this, plainclothes is a great option – the Executive Protection team still provides the same level of protection, but their softened appearance better fits the venue.   Civilian clothing can also be used to mask the presence of Executive Protection in a large, crowded venue for and a lower profile.

Alternatively, there are cases where you may want to send a message that Executive Protection is present.  Armed and uniformed Executive Protection agents certainly send that message.   This is often true for hostile terminations and threats of workplace violence.  For the safety of all employees, management may utilize uniformed Executive Protection.

Security guards are a valuable layer of security, but Executive Protection is for when you need peace of mind.  When there is a high threat potential, or athletes/celebrities/VIPs will be in a large open venue, use trained professionals.   Since true Executive Protection includes previous experience with protecting high-value targets, we select seasoned active and former law enforcement for our Executive Protection team.

Many Executive Protection providers use unarmed civilians who are unqualified to offer true Executive Protection.  The owners of Nolan Enterprises serviced as members of law enforcement and the military.  Service is in their blood.  Facing real life-or-death situations has given us a unique vantage point.  When lives are on the line, who better to trust than those that have already given their lives to service?   Nolan Enterprises proudly uses active and former law enforcement and service members exclusively for its Executive Protection team.   Our clients receive the benefit of trained law enforcement professionals.


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