Robber Demands Pills in Pharmacy Robbery

Robber Demands Pills in Pharmacy Robbery, jumps over Counter

As the COVID-19 Pandemic becomes a reality, we are seeing more examples of businesses in need of a real security presence.   With people anxious about resources, some are taking the extreme route in trying to secure pharmaceutical products. 

Two days ago in San Diego, a male attempted a daring robbery straight out of the movies. 

According to Fox5 San Diego,

“Police were searching Saturday night for a person they said jumped over the counter at a CVS Pharmacy in Mira Mesa and demanded pills from an employee.

According to the San Diego Police Department, a male of unknown age walked to the pharmacy area inside the CVS and jumped over the counter, demanding the employee hand over pills. The employee gave the robber a bag after putting an unknown number of pills inside, and the male suspect ran out.”

It is likely the perpetrator felt some sense of fear that they would not have access to medication caused by the masses of people cleaning out stores.  

Whether they have mental issues or this was a calculated robbery, this incident clearly demonstrates the need for trained physical security at pharmacies.  

As law enforcement grips with protecting toilet paper and keeping the peace, there continue to be those who see the limited staff and lax security as an opportunity to steal.  

The solution is Armed Guard protection.   Now is the time to help everyone keep their cool.  If you a valuable asset like medication, consider the value of physical security for avoiding incidents like this.  

Author: Ed Whiting

Ed Whiting has had a 40 year law enforcement career and served as Police Chief for Taft.  Mr. Whiting also served in the USAF, Kern County Sheriff’s Department,  McFarland PD, and Taft PD.   A Range Master with Executive P.O.S.T. Certification.  Mr. Whiting has been trained by the FBI for Active Shooter; taught FBI Eastern District Active Shooter course, and was on scene Commander for Taft Union High School Active shooter event on January 10, 2013. 

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