Surveillance Affair

The purpose of this investigation was to conduct surveillance on a male subject who allegedly was
having an affair with an unknown woman. The subject’s wife had discovered a phone number on
her phone bill which displayed phone calls made by the male subject with several minutes to more
than an hour and at odd times. This made the subject’s wide suspicious thus leading to hire us for
surveillance. The male subject left his residence early morning and met with an unidentified adult
female at a restaurant for breakfast; soon after, the investigator noted them hugging and kissing.

About Nolan Enterprises

Nolan Enterprises is owned and operated by Jeff and Tracey Nolan. Tracey Nolan served as a member of the Orange County Sherriff’s Department for 17 years, before retiring due to an on-duty injury. Jeff Nolan is a decorated veteran and retired service member. Together, they lead a team of over 30 active and retired Peace Officers and service members from Army Special Forces, Air Force Military Police, Marine Military Police, SWAT, Homicide, Gang, Drug, Civil Service, Child Exploitation, Sex Crimes, Dignitary Protection & Economic Crime units.